18 January 2009

Ambivalence Beckons

This is one of my personal works. I composed this while helping a friend of my study for the ACT. Ambivalence struck a cord with me and being with Beccah put it all in place.

I'm betimes sharply reminded
of how love can tear me apart.
When legions of my doubtful mind
battle hosts of my hopeful heart.

I query the cause of this fighting
for what purpose no one can see.
The consequence much less inviting,
'cause the war's only victim is me.

The conflict lasts days without ending,
the mind proving stronger so far.
My heart takes its time for the mending
of the bruises and of the scar.

Thus I linger on for a season,
my soul making ever so blue.
If only I could find the reason
why the cause of it had to be you?

When will the tables start turning?
The future's yet seen from above,
to when Venus' fires start burning
and my mind surrenders to love.

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